Your Dream Drive – What Makes The Perfect Car?

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The discussion of what is the best car in the world is a pretty futile one unless you lay down certain parameters as to what the “best” really is. Do we mean the one that moves fastest, the one that looks best or the one which lasts the longest? These are just three criteria which can either be the most important or entirely irrelevant, depending upon your point of view.

For some people, the best car is the one that runs the most smoothly. Some cars, though technically excellent and pleasant to look at, have just one small fault which dogs the driver from the moment they take it home to the day they trade it in. The fault may not even be a particularly severe one, but if it keeps happening it can make the car impossible to run.

For those of an environmental frame of mind, the kind of gas mileage the car gets is also important. Many sports cars are beautiful to look at and purr like a tiger when they are on the open road, but they require refueling so often that they are impossible to run economically and ecologically. A less “exciting” car that gets more mileage for a full tank of gas will be less likely to send you crazy.

Sometimes, the dream car is one that you just fall in love with for no reason that can be easily explained. From childhood, many of us see a car just once and think that we will be truly happy the day we can drive it off a forecourt. Sometimes, we need to be careful what we wish for.

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