What You Need To Know About Slot Cars?

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Slot cars are small replicas of automobiles designed to scale. They race along a fixed track with slot or groove. The word “slot” in the name of these automobiles is derived from those shallow grooves or channels place on the track to assist vehicles as they go through turns and twists and along straight sections. Lining these grooves are two metal rails that are separated narrowly and placed into the track to form a slot in the middle. Underside the slot car is a small blade which fits into the groove to keep the car on the right path as it runs fast around the track.

If you love speed but you didn’t like the idea of risking your life in driving a real race car at incredibly high speeds, then you should purchase a slot car set. Included in such set are all the necessary components needed in setting up the race track out of the box. If you need extra track pieces, controllers, car bodies, and other additional accessories, you can purchase them too.

History of Slot Cars

Slots cars first appeared in early 20th century and immediately became famous not only with children but also with youngsters and adults. Early designs are based on a raised rail which was embedded in the track and players back then don’t have control over the speed of the vehicle. After some modifications, slot cars in 1930s came equipped with small internal combustion engines. As time passed by, slot cars were then powered by electrical current.

There was a move in the 1950s to improve the tracks by utilizing grooves rather than raised track. With the current flowing through the groove, the speed of the car can now be managed by using a hand-held remote control for every car running on the track. With these innovations, it became possible for several individuals to enjoy slot car racing using the same track.

Because of the refinements made on slot cars, slot car racing also became popular. More and more manufacturers start offering slot car sets with a number of cars and a track that can be enhanced using add-on kits. In 1960s, a wide variety of slot cars and track configurations appear, providing slot car racers more options to work with.

Slot Car Scales

For serious competition, there are three common slot car scales or sizes. These are: 1:24 scale, 1:32 scale, and HO. The largest cars used in slot car racing are 1:24 scale cars, which come seven to eight inches long. These cars need a large course so it’s really impractical for home use.

More suitable for home race courses are the smaller 1:32 scale cars that are five to six inches long so you won’t be needing a recovery truck to collect these….lol. But they are also popularly raced on commercial tracks found in clubs or in hobby shops. HO–sized slot cars, on the other hand, have different scales ranging from 1:87 to 1:64. Regardless of their sizes, these cars all run on a track with the same width. The size of a typical HO slot car is from 2.5 to 3.5 inches.

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