The Unseen Costs Of Motoring

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When we are young, we look at cars on the road and long for the day we can drive one of them. Just think – no more riding the bus, go where you want when you want and be in control of the habitat in which you travel. Sure, the car will cost some money up front, but after that it’s all good. It all sounds pretty sweet.

It is only in adulthood that we see how the costs stack up. Sure, as kids we may have some understanding that we will need to fill the tank up every once in a while and that that will cost money. But you don’t realize just how much it costs until you’re driving to work and back every day and using the car for shopping and more.

If it were just the car and the gas that you had to pay for that would be one thing. However, for many people, the car has to be taken for a tune-up too often altogether. Some cars which look good and drive well for most of the time have a habit of developing a specific fault that cannot be conclusively repaired, merely taken care of.

Another cost which can drive you mad is the price of parking. It does not occur to a non-motorist just how much it can cost to leave your car somewhere safe. Some car parking charges are so expensive that they put motorists off any kind of visit that is not immediately vital – just another hidden cost of motoring.

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