The Basics Of Preparing For Slot Car Racing

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Each racing event follows a different process of organizing races. The components below are among the most common ones that can be observed in many major racing circuits.

Individual Preparation
The winners of different races seem to be those drivers who have made their preparations. Well-conditioned cars stand a much higher chances of winning the race as these, quite obviously, are primed for performing during the entire length of the course.

Priming the car for racing often involves checking the interior and exterior of the car and the different components of the car, especially those that directly contribute to the results of the race. It pays to check the wheels as these often affect the results of the race. Be sure that these rotate perfectly and that there are nothing stuck in the rims that would prevent the car from moving. Also, the pinions, gears and brushes are checked and lightly oiled. The braids are also checked.

If you are priming yourself to race in competitions, it is a good idea to make preparing the car the night before the race a habit. This allows you plenty of time to check up and the car and address any of its problem. Checking the car a few hours during the race is good too but make it a point not to do the checking right before the race. Also, warm up the motor of the car a few hours before the race. This could ensure that the car will receive just the right amount of energy it needs to perform its best on the track.

Car Selection
You can’t just race any slot car and expect to come away as the winner. No. It takes some really good cars that are primed for racing to win a competition. If you are racing a car that just came out of its box, you’re out of luck. You could never expect for it to win against other cars whose performance have been optimized. It takes some really good performance-enhancing fixes for a mass-produced car to compete with excellent racing cars. Learn a thing or two about enhancing slot car performance before you set your eyes on the prize.

Before the race, choose the cars that will best suit the type of race you will be participating. Be sure to remember the strengths of each of your car along with the strengths and weaknesses of each brand so you can pick the car that will give you the best advantage. Some models are known for running in sharp curves, some are known for running at high speeds in straight sections. Know beforehand which car in your ‘garage’ is best suited for the type of race which you are about to participate into.

Arrange Yourself A Marshal
You can’t race and take care of de-slotted cars at the same time so get yourself an assistant who would do just that for you.

Whether you are racing to win a prize in a competition or just racing against your buddies for fun, it is important to psyche up yourself into the game. Equally important is preparing your car for the race.

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