Driving Abroad – Know Your Laws

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Everyone likes a holiday every now and again, and if you can bring your car along then it can be even better. Knowing that you can go off the beaten track and holiday the way you want to has its attractions, ones nobody can deny. On the flip side, if you are holidaying in a country or a state where the laws are different from the ones you are used to, you need to be very careful.

Some countries have quite radically different road laws than others. For example, British drivers may well find themselves overwhelmed on a German autobahn because, while the top speed on a British motorway is (technically) seventy miles an hour, German autobahns have no speed restrictions. This can make for a very steep learning curve.

If you are American and you visit London on holiday, you might also find that its takes some getting used to that British drivers drive on the left hand side of the road. It is something you learn quickly if you want to stay alive, of course, because everyone else is doing it – but it can make for some tricky moments at junctions and similar situations.

There are various other laws which can lead to drivers becoming unstuck, such as the French law which requires drivers to have high visibility vests in their cars at all times in case of breakdowns. In the main, you just need to do your research and acclimatise quickly to different laws. Once you’ve done so, driving abroad is a blast.

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