Cars In Video Games – Instilling A Passion For Driving

VRacer Game

Anyone who has played a reasonable number of video games will no doubt have played at least one which involves motor vehicles. The humble – or not so humble, as the case may be – automobile is the star of many video games and a supporting cast member in many others. Starting with motor racing games and continuing on through a great number of others, most of us have driven a video game car.

The wide range of sports car games reflects the number of sports which include automobiles. There are games which replicate Nascar, Formula One, Indycar, Touring Car and even Go-Karting. These are all fun to play and can give the player a real appreciation of the skill involved in these sports. Every player has their own favorites, and there are official tie-ins with all the major motor sports.

Then again, there are other games which involve driving a car as one part of the game, of which the most famous would have to be Grand Theft Auto. In this series of games, you play a character (different games feature different ones) who has to carry out a range of tasks, many of which fall outside the law. In each of the games, as the name suggests, you can steal cars to aid you in carrying out the tasks.

What these games permit you is the chance to indulge a wilder side. Certainly you cannot expect to get away with stealing a car in real life, and using it to drive into a crowd of enemies is completely inexcusable. But on a video game screen it doesn’t matter – unless you have difficulty separating what is real from what is not.

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