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Slot car racing is a very popular hobby among miniature car racing enthusiasts. It satisfies the inner speed demons among us and is a relatively inexpensive hobby for people who love building model cars. In this article, we will provide you with information that can help you not only save on buying slot cars and slot car accessories but also buying advices that will allow you to make the best choice:

Which slot car scale?
Slot cars come in various scales and each scale has its own pros and cons. The larger scales, for example, have superb detailing and are often geared to perform according to the performance specs of the original cars they were modeled from. These are usually raced in competitions and are often considered among the cars worth collecting.

The main disadvantage of using the 1:24 scale, the largest there is, is that this takes so much space. The same is quite true with the smaller 1:32 scale. For a decent basic racetrack, you should at least have an 8 by 6 feet racetrack.

The space needed to accommodate the racetrack for larger scales is always a major consideration. If you have a small space available for your racetrack, it is often more advisable to stick with smaller scales, like the HO scale.

The HO scale is where the smallest of slot cars are categorized under. This includes small cars whose size ranges from 2 ½ inches to 3 ½ inches.

Now, when it comes to buying, it is very important to first check how much space you have for your toys. If you don’t think larger scales are good for you, it is advisable that you settle with the smaller ones. Also, if there are no race circuits for 1:24 and 1:32 slot cars near you, you should stick with smaller scales.

Which manufacturer?
There are literally hundreds of companies that produce competition-ready slot cars for hardcore slot car racing enthusiasts to slot car toys for children. Obviously, you should look for those companies that produce high quality slot cars whose performance is optimized for racing. Among the most common manufacturers are Artin, Johnny Lightning, Carrera, Fly, Ninco, Monogram, and Scalextric. These differ in the quality of cars they produce as well as the price range. The most affordable cars are produced by Artin and the manufacturers that are known for winning the most race are Scalextric, Carrera and Johnny Lighting for individual scales. The high-end slot cars are produced by Fly.

Where to buy?
Slot car shops can be found in brick and mortar shops as well as online shops. eBay, a very popular worldwide online bidding site, is where many slot car hobbyists and enthusiasts go for their supplies. Individual online vendors are also some of the best places to visit online to get your car sets. It is also a good idea to check out hobby shops near you.

How to buy?
It doesn’t matter where you buy; what matters is how you buy. Slot cars command relatively inexpensive price tags although there are some well-made ones that could cost you a fortune. So do your research first before you buy your own car. It is important to know everything about the car first before you pay some serious money for it.

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